PostFido Official Data

Eurocredit  offers to  the customers an on-line system to obtain official data on companies structure, shareholders, list of subsidiaries, interests of a private person in other companies, information on events like dissolution, liquidation, receivership, bankruptcy, etc.., protests in the name of private or legal persons, balance-sheets.
The agreement signed with Land Registry permits to obtain in real time data related to immovables registered, by a research than can be done also on a National scale.  Furthermore Eurocredit permits to check the possible ownership of vehicles and to receive communal certificates.
To know  the legal data of any Italian company. It is possible to select two different types of document:  Ordinary (present legal data), Historical (present and past legal data). The documents can differ according to the legal form ( stock companies, limited partnerships, sole proprietorships, other legal forms) and include statistic data on the base of the sector and the area where the company is placed.
To search the official business interests of a private person. Starting from the list of  companies in which the subject has interests, it is then possible to get the access to the report of each single company.
To know(on-line) the shareholders list of the company. In the released document, the shares’ amount owned and possible alteration (transfer/purchase) are reported.
To know subjects’shareholdings/subsidiaries. In the released document, the shares’ amount owned and possible alteration (transfer/purchase) are reported.
To check protested bills during the latest 5 years. Search can be made on communal, provincial or National scale. Protest details are available.
The service is on-line available and gives the access to the archive containing official information on dissolutions, liquidations, bankruptcies, receiverships, etc…
It is possible to order the official balance-sheets filed by Stock companies. The document is issued in PDF bye mail.
To obtain synthetic and/or full financial prospects whith 10 or 40 ratios, with or without sector average. The service can be online available or can be ordered  and sent later bye mail.
The service permits to localize the immovables in the name of a private or legal subject, starting from a search by name on National scale.
The service is offline available and permits to know any positive and negative records (even of the past) registered in the name of a subject and to verify the real ownership of immovables.
It permits to obtain a list of events registered (mortgages, detrimental items, purchase/sale, ets) on the owned real estates.
It permits to know if a subject owns vehicles. The document includes the type of vehicle, the plate, the purchase or lease date.