Mia Your customized credit report


What is Mia Informazione

Mia Informazione is the new way to do your credit reports. It is an operative method which gives each customer the opportunity to decide and choose by himself the content and level of detail of the report on the base of actual and changeable needs of the moment.. MIA INFORMAZIONE” (literally “MY INFORMATION”) is Your information.

How does Mia Informazione work

It is an intelligent modular system, which offers as in a library all possible data in a report and gives the opportunity to decide what to buy and how much to spend. The system offers a range of products classified in two broad categories: official public data and unofficial data. .



The added values of Mia Informazione are really many:

  • Select only the contents you are interested in – The report becomes tailored
  • The contents can be customized – Created only for you
  • The contents are updated upon your request – No more archive reports
  • Optimize the cost – Save money
  • Can choose different information profiles for Stock companies and Partnerships –Optimise the choices
  • Can activate the monitoring after the delivery of the report –Permanent Updating

How to use Mia Informazione

The system allows a considerable freedom of choice of modules , according to the requirements of the User, who can select the modules according to the credit exposure or to other reasons as activity or other elements.