Up-to-date and reliable information are fundamental to start a business relationship but the monitoring of the trend is essential for  the follow-up of the transactions and for the right choice  of the credit manager. Eurocredit’s monitoring services match the credit reports in a dynamic way to  check over the time the initial opinion expressed. We can offer customized solutions according to the customer needs. By this service, Eurocredit continuosly monitors possible changes in InfoCamere, protests and detrimental items, financial data. The customer is also informed if changes of credit opinion should occur due to events come out during the investigations for credit or prelegal reports. The main feature of Eurocredit’s monitoring service is the permanent monitoring of the credit opinion.
This service enables the user to monitor the reliability of the customer by offering the possibility to promptly know possible changes of credit opinion in order to increase or reduce the credit exposure. Eurocredit constantly monitors official and even unofficial data. The latter can come out during  our investigations. An email message will inform you about the change and in the Monitoring area of our website you will find all the details with an history of the position, always online available.
It is an Alert Service, which will inform you as soon as a negative event is registered. We monitor any possible negative event registered in the name of the company or linked private persons. Protests, detrimental items and possible court proceedings will be immediately communicated by an email message. In the monitoring area of the website you can order the updating of the report  in order to know  the details of the changes occurred.