PostFidoPre-Legal Services

One of Eurocredit’s main goal is to help the businessman to take the right decision when a customer  does not  pay his debts. It’s not easy to make the right choice to collect debts from so different interlocutors. Eurocredit is always able to propose the most suitable choice. The pre-legal services aim at the analysis of the financial situation of a company and/or of a private person, check their seizable properties and suggest the right legal actions to start. Thanks to pre-legal services the customer can always find the right strategy for the management of the claims avoiding unnecessary and onerous legal costs. Eurocredit’s pre-legal services are modular in contents and costs and always permit to choose the right level of elaboration according to customer’s needs. Pre-legal services mean to satisfy  the requirements of the most demanding customers and reach high investigative levels.
By ordering this service, it is possible to know if the company is still active and working and where it works and if the legal representative can be contacted at the official residence address or at another address. Moreover you can be informed about the ownership of immovables or vehicles, details of the latest available balance-sheet and possible seizable bank accounts. These are essential information to collect a credit or to decide to turn to a lawyer. Eurocredit’s Pre-Legal reports are really very detailed and grant a fundamental support for your decisions.
To trace a debtor at the residence or domicile address, to know his job and income or the owned real estates and vehicles. All these information are essential to collect a credit and Eurocredit is able to  supply them in the most reliable way in its Pre-legal reports.
Data coming from Land Registry are online available on Eurocredit’s portal. Moreover you can order Full Land Registry Survey which are produced by an expert analyst.
Searches can be done by the Fiscal Code of the subject of interest. The service supplies the list of owned vehicles, even if in leasing. It’s also possible to search by plate and in this case it i salso possible to know possible restrictions.