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Eurocredit’s services are addressed to all those companies and entrepreneurs who are looking for a real partner in administrative processes and credit management; companies which understand the importance of the customer  portofolio check or have to fix business relationships with new subjects, private and/or legal persons  and need information to assest their business wealth, the reliability and financial situation. MIA INFORMAZIONE is, among Eurocredit’s services, the one  which allows to build up a bespoke report, modular, saving time and money. One of the most important success factor  of   Eurocredit Business Information is represented by its ability to match public official data with unofficial ones: a business intelligence action  which better supports companies’ actions aimed at the collection of unsettled accounts.
To become Eurocredit’s customer, order credit reports and use all other services, you must sign an agreement. To receive further information click here  (LINK A PAGINA CONTATTI) or call 800 88 2025.
Eurocredit Business Information’s services are retrievable in the USER AREA of the website www.eurocredit.it  and can be ordered online.
No. You are completely free. The whole range of Eurocredit’s services is always available by signing a single agreement.
Eurocredit Business Information’s main value can be found in its attitude to customers service. The long experience and know-how of its operators represent the right mix for a skilled consultancy service, both for satisfy the immediate need of the customer and in order to suggest the best product to chase.  Eurocredit Business Information customer service can be reached at the toll-free 800 88 2025.
We have data on all Italian companies. In Italy there are about 7 mio registered companies of which about 4.4 million are sole proprietors and 2.6 million are partnerships or stock companies. Not all registered companies are actually really active. The really active ones are about 950.000 stock companies and 910.000 partnerships.
Eurocredit Business Information  uses  ATECO 2007 Italian classification system,  which is the more recent version of ATECO-RI classification, used by Istituto Nazionale di Statistica ISTAT and by Italian Financial Administration and that is on its turn the wider version of  Nomenclature générale des activités économiques dans les Communautés européennes (NACE). According to ATECO Classification System, the activities are grouped in sections, subsections, divisions, groups, classes, categories and subcategories.

A CREDIT REPORT is a “photo” of the company taken in the moment in which the report is produced. It permits to know company’s financial strenght, to follow its official events and to obtain information on its members and partners.
This service  is suggested before starting a business relationship (customer/supplier) so that it is possible to evaluate in advance the financial situation and all the historical information and to check possibile negative events .
Furthermore  it is possible to check members’ involvements in other companies as owner, BoD member, Auditing Board member, It’s possible to check if the subject own shares in other companies and/or in which measure is partner. Eurocredit’s credit report permits  to know possible negative events that influence company’s reliability (protests or court proceedings) too. In this way Eurocredit’s customer can generate a complete view of its possible customers and suppliers, obtaining helpful information to take proper operative decisions.

The PRE-LEGAL services permit to know companies’ financial-economic situation, their solvency and to trace their real estates all over the country with any possible mortgages or detrimental items registered. In this case details of deeds are provided. PRE-LEGAL services permit to follow all the official changes of the company and to obtain information on members and partners of the company too.
As Official Data are considered all those basic information you need for a preliminary evaluation of companies and private persons, both for a correct database updating and for a credit definition. These data can be ordered from the user area of Eurocredit website and include: Ordinary and Historical Chamber of Commerce Registration Document, Company’s Profile, Search and Check of protested bills, Full Balance-sheet, brief and complete, shareholdings, shareholders, members, Detrimental items.
Yes, we have. By getting the access on Eurocredit website  you can also order credit reports on foreign companies.

By choosing Eurocredit you will have a real business partner and operators always available to find the better solution. Eurocredit’s main goal is to protect the economic development of its own customers, giving them certainties in business decisions and financial flows. In Eurocredit the customer assistance is “made to measure”.  Each company has its own features, that our consultants are able to catch and increase, studing together the best product to satisfy the needs.
Each report supplied by Eurocredit is different from the other ones, as the service is tailored for the real needs of the customer: standard and prepacked reports have been put aside. The solid presence on domestic market represents one of the main Eurocredit’s excellence,  also thanks to a capillar presence of the business consultants, who are always ready to solve customers’ needs. A customer care office and a toll-free number are further advantages we offer to our customers which are followed step by step during their first connections. Eurocredit is also certified by  Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008.

Yes. From the User Area of  the website www.eurocredit.it  it is possible to manage and view the details of the reports and activities developped. Furthermore it is possible to view the up to date situation of your account.
The acces to Eurocredit Database is possible by digiting the User Name and Password provided to the customer and through the safety transmission canne SSL.