DATARAMA is the first platform of Market Intelligence, to find new customers and their contacts, from official data and from Google Maps.

To make strategic planning in the areas most commercially attractive and less risky for its business, it is of fundamental importance to know well its own reference market. To this need, EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION responds with DATARAMA, the solution designed to support entrepreneurs in marketing decisions and in assessing current and potential customers.

DATARAMA allows real-time analysis of the universe of Italian companies by making available:

  • Market analysis. An analysis of the distribution of companies in their reference market according to variables such as sector of activity, geographical distribution, number of employees, turnover, share capital, legal form, company seniority, etc.
  • Portfolio distribution. An in-depth analysis of its customer base according to the variables available in the market analysis and which allows to have an overall view of its reference market.
  • Potential market analysis. Starting from the characteristics of its acquired customers, DATARAMA allows the identification of prospects with the characteristics most similar to those of its customer portfolio and the segmentation of company lists according to some analysis dimensions: sector, geographical distribution, legal form, number of employees, turnover.
  • Business analysis. A synthetic representation and effectively accompanied by infographics of the structural profile and the fundamental dimensions of each company.
  • Person analysis. A personal information sheet enriched with historical and reputational data.

DATARAMA bases its analysis functionality on a database with a consistency of about 7 million business records and 22 million entrepreneurs, members and administrators.

A DATARAMA is accessed from any browser and mobile device after signing a subscription that provides for the qualification to one or more users (without limitations). The users can be distinguished hierarchically so that it is possible to have a master user enabled also to administrative functions and users of consultation only.

All the information services provided by DATARAMA are also available in web service mode and, as such, can be easily integrated with the most common corporate CRM.

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